Assignment #5

Identity means the qualities of a person that define who they are.Dominant Narrative is a story that people in position of privilege tell about someone who is not.I think it’s important to tell a counter narrative about a dominant narrative because the people that are saying a story in the side of the dominant narrative don’t know what you’ve been through so they are sometimes wrong.People that say a dominant narrative about someone use what they’ve heard but they don’t experience or go through what the person goes through.On the other hand if you tell your own story you’re able to tell your experience and tell the story how it is without any lies.

First of all a Dominant Narrative is a story that people in the position of privilege tell about someone who is not.This has to do with me because sometimes us as people we tell dominant narratives stories without knowing if a story is true.We think we have many power and we tell the story of someone but we don’t really know if it’s true.One of the pictures that I’m going to use for Dominant narrative is a picture with a quote that says Mexicans are immigrants, they take jobs away, etc.I choose this picture because I have heard many people say things like this about Mexicans which is not true because we work hard to get everything we have and sometimes it’s not easy but people in power think the opposite.My second picture that I’m going to put is one about Latinos/Hispanics being lazy, I want to put this picture because people in power think all hispanic/Latino people are lazy and they don’t work but in reality they do because they have a family they have to take care of.


To begin with counter Narrative is a story or perspective that people who are marginalized tell about themselves.This has to do with me because when people in power try to say something about me I could tell my own story and try to prove them wrong, For example when ever people in power try to say something about my Race, Ethnicity, etc and if they’re wrong then I could prove them wrong and tell my own story.One picture that I plan to use that shows Counter Narrative is a quote that says ” My accent doesn’t define who I am or my success” I choose this picture because I’m telling people in power that having an accent is nothing bad and it doesn’t define who I am I was just born with an accent but that’s it.Another picture I plan to use is a picture that shows that Hispanic/Latina women are not always maids.I plan to use this picture because it really shows Counter Narratives because people in power portray women as maids or house keepers but in reality women can do many more things like getting an education , having a good job, or even having a good career.

First of all Identity means the qualities of a person that define who they are.This has to do with me because there’s many identities that make me who I am, for example my favorite teams, favorite colors, etc.One picture I plan to use is a picture of my favorite book.This is an example of identity because that book has different meanings to me and I feel like this books made a huge impact in my life so it really shows one of my identity.Another picture I’m going to use is a picture of the Mexican flag.This picture really describes who I am and it shows people where I was born.Also by using the flag it gives people an idea about my culture, beliefs, what I eat, etc.


4 thoughts on “Assignment #5”

  1. Dear Evelyn,
    I am really happy with your post about dominant and counter narrative. One thing that stood out to me was that on the outside of your box, there are dominant narratives and on the inside there are counter narratives. This show there is a big difference from what people say and what you experience. I love the nature and scenery on the inside it was very pretty. I also really like the dominant narratives you use because they are things that people still say even today. Even though I might not be Mexican myself, I still agree that it is really messed up that people think that Mexicans steal jobs from America and I can relate because they do say the same about Asian people. I really love your counter narrative because it shows who you really are like your favorite book and that you are also religious. Your shadow box is really cool and how you have it set up is something I didn’t think of. I can really get a sense of your vibe from it and it’s great. Thank you for writing and showing me your shadow box. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I think your work is a statement and more people should see it. If this project is good then the next one would great as well.

    1. Dear Victoria thank you for taking you’re time and actually looking at my work.I agree with you people now on day’s still think/use some of the dominant narratives I used for my Edublog.I’m glad you had connections with me and I’m also looking forward to actually looking at you’re work.

  2. Dear Evelyn.
    I am very impressed with the way you analysed your pictures because you spoke about some dominant narratives about mexicans that I hadn’t thought about. I like the way you are standing up for your culture and ethnicity. The way you wrote about how people believe that all mexican women are just maid but you said how mexican can get an education and geta good career as well. Your post reminds me of my own shadow box I did because I am also mexican and I spoke about some similar counter and dominant narratives about mexicans. But I explained my narratives differently. Thank You for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you have very good counter narratives to share and I enjoy reading about stories of people that have had the same experiences as me.

    1. Dear Elizabeth thank you for the comment.I’m also looking forward to actually reading more of the work you do.I’m glad you also had some connections with me.Thanks for taking you’re time and reading this.

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